Having trouble navigating the perilous world of aircraft sales and acquisitions? Put a professional aircraft broker in your corner.

Since 1988, Kent Cook of KENT COOK AIRCRAFT INTL has been
specializing in personalized, professional sales and acquisitions
of personal and business aircraft.

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Cherity Cook, Chastity Cook, or Jeremiah Kemp
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With over 25 years of aircraft brokerage experience on all types of aircraft, Kent Cook offers
individualized and personal service to businesses and individuals seeking to purchase or
sell aircraft.

An Airline Transport Pilot with 9,000 hours of flight time, Kent offers his experience and
expertise to assist and direct you in smoothly obtaining the best quality aircraft for your
investment while purchasing or maximizing the value of your current aircraft with aggressive
marketing. Kent can assist you with aircraft trade situations, 1031 tax deferred exchanges,
international sales & purchases, or just in offering professional guidance and advice in the
aviation field. Feel free to call Kent at Kent Cook Aircraft International to
discuss any questions, comments, concerns, or for additional information.

Thank you, we look forward to serving you!